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We have a very good experience with VK Systems. People at VK Systems are very professional in their work. We have successfully launched our website in a very short span of time. Thanks a lot for your efforts and good luck for future.
Php and MySQl Web Development

What is PHP?
There is endless possibility of the PHP scripting language. A vast community of users has made it one of the most popular open-source languages. People other than the UNIX world, Open Source means it doesn’t cost anything. You can use it as much as you want and where you want, and nobody will ever charge you thousands of dollars for licenses and support. Even though it was originally conceived as a set of macros to help coders maintain personal home pages, its name grew a lot more from its purpose. Since then, PHP’s capabilities have been extended, taking it beyond a set of utilities to a full-featured programming language, capable of managing huge database-driven online environments. PHP is a powerful and effective server-side scripting language that is frequently used in creating dynamic web pages for developing ecommerce and other web application. PHP is used mainly in server-side application software but can be executed from a command line interface or a stand alone GUI.

PHP scripting
PHP is now officially known as "PHP: HyperText Preprocessor". It is a server-side scripting language usually written in an HTML context. Unlike an ordinary HTML page, a PHP script is not sent directly to a client by the server; instead, it is parsed by the PHP binary or module, which is server-side installed. HTML elements in the script are left alone, but PHP code is interpreted and executed. PHP code in a script can query databases, create images, read and write files, talk to remote servers - the possibilities are endless. The output from PHP code is combined with the HTML in the script and the result sent to the user's web-browser, therefore it can never tell the user whether the web-server uses PHP or not, because all the browser sees is HTML. PHP’s support for Apache and MySQL further increases its popularity. Apache is now the most-used web-server in the world, and PHP can be compiled as an Apache module. MySQL is a powerful free SQL database, and PHP provides a comprehensive set of functions for working with it. The combination of Apache, MySQL and PHP is all but unbeatable. That doesn't mean that PHP cannot work in other environments or with other tools. In fact, PHP supports an extensive list of databases and web-servers. The rise in popularity of PHP has coincided with a change of approach in web-publishing. While in the mid-1990s it was ok to build sites, even relatively large sites, with hundreds of individual hard-coded HTML pages, today's webmasters are making the most of the power of databases to manage their content more effectively and to personalize their sites according to individual user preferences.

Reasons for using PHP
There are some indisputable great reasons to work with PHP. As PHP is an open source product, it is well supported by a talented production team and a committed user community. Furthermore, PHP can be used on all the major operating systems with most servers.

The speed of development is also important. Because PHP allows you to separate HTML code from scripted elements, you will notice a significant decrease in development time on many projects. In many instances, you will be able to separate the coding stage of a project from the design and build stages. Not only can this make life easier for you as a programmer, but it also can remove obstacles that stand in the way of effective and flexible design.

Well-maintained open source projects offer users additional benefits. You benefit from an accessible and committed community who offer a wealth of experience in the subject, as fast and as cheap as possible. Chances are that any problem you encounter in your coding can be answered swiftly and easily with a little research. If that fails, a question sent to a mailing list or forum can have an intelligent, authoritative response. You also can be sure that bugs will be addressed as they are found, and that new features will be made available as the need is defined. You will not have to wait for the next commercial release before taking advantage of improvements, and there is no hidden interest in a particular server product or operating system. You are free to make choices that suit your needs or those of your clients and incorporate whatever components you want.

What is MySQL?

MySQL (pronounced "my ess cue el") is a freely available open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), a database engine that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL is the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database, and is most noted for its rapid processing, proven reliability, and ease and flexibility of use. MySql is commonly used with PHP almost every open source application. Some of the good examples of it's uses are phpBB, osCommerce, and phpNuke.

You can see how dynamic MySQL can be when used together with PHP on the web site of the hottest web2.0 applications digg.com and del.icio.us. Our own site uses MySQL, which manages to answer a lots of queries per second! Can you do that?

MySQL can be used on multiple web servers, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS free of charge.

Using PHP MySQL in Developing Dynamic Websites
Dynamic website is a database driven website where people often come to get fully customized information and site owners can add needed information and update the website to drag and retain more traffic to their website. In this highly competitive, constantly changing economic trend, PHP MySQL has become one of the latest and fast growing technologies for making dynamic web pages.

PHP combines many of the features of C and Perl in a simple and easy to read and understant format. Programmer has taken PHP MySQL as a universal solution to code dynamic website and is equally easier to maintain and update in comparison to other scripting languages.

PHP offers exceptional connectivity to most of the common databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, ODBC and many others. It is an open-source and is available for many different platforms including most Unix platforms, Windows NT/2000 and Mac. So it is the most appropriate for today's varied network environments.

VK Systems, affordable web design web development company has years of web application development experience and we mostly use PHP MySQL for developing dynamic database driven websites and other web applications.

Our experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable and dedicated in developing websites using php mysql. We can help you to have an edge over your competitors and gain more sale by using most latest and demanded features in the industry, following best coding practices.

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